We are Public Art Master Planners working with the international network of Public Artists, Designers and Architects, creating memorable and transformative public art solutions infusing entire communities with joy, awe and the sense of wonder

Our philosophy

Our approach is always towards gentrification and beautification, but we aim to introduce some elements of interaction. Interaction and participation are the key to creating a powerful impact, tranforming public realm through a powerful vision.

Working closely with our collaborating artists, designers and architects we transform their ideas and concepts to suit our Client’s needs and requirements.

Our core principles are: integrity, efficiency and unique vision.

Practical application

Art in Public Space is a company offering a comprehensive service. We create public art master plans tailor made to the specific areas. We also represent a host of artists with very diverse backgrounds and styles, enabling us to cater to almost any of our clients’ requirements.

Working closely with our clients, our services include selecting the artworks, installing them and supervising all stages of work. We also provide a maintenance advice whenever necessary.

For any questions please feel free to contact us.